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Five Minutes to Live DVD

Five Minutes to Live

Johnny Cabot (Johnny Cash) is a small-time hood who schemes with ex-con Fred Dorella (Vic Tayback) to knock off the Harper Federal Trust Bank, reputed to be as impenetrable as Fort Knox. The two decide that the only way to make off with the cash is to force bank president Kenneth Wilson's (Donald Woods) cooperation by taking his wife hostage. As Dorella proceeds to Harper Federal, Cabot invades the executive's home. There he encounters Mrs. Wilson (Cay Forrester), a sexy firecracker of a woman, who gives Cabot a run for his money. Trapped in the house together, the two discover they are unable to deny their animal attraction to each other.

One of America's pre-eminent popular musicians of the 20th Century, Johnny Cash is best remembered for his distinctive fusion of country, rockabilly and rock 'n' roll. Crooning several songs in this tense and gritty thriller, Cash delivers a shocking, early screen performance with his "Man In Black" demeanor already in full swagger.
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