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Johnny Cash A Gunfight DVD

A Gunfight

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas stars alongside Johnny Cash in this tense Western. Also features Jane Alexander, Karen Black and Keith Carradine. Legendary gunmen Will Tenneray (Douglas) and Abe Cross (Cash) meet for the first time in a small, Southwestern town. Despite their celebrated past, both men have been struggling to survive. Now, their mere presence in the small town makes the townspeople speculate on the result of the gunfight between them. But Abe and Will don't want to "kill or be killed" for the amusement of gambling spectators, until they realize that one of them could benefit by such an event. They decide to stage a real gunfight and sell tickets. It will be winner-takes-all. Despite a deep friendship which has developed, neither can turn back, as each has plans that only money can buy. Therefore one man must die ...
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