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Johnny Cash - The Greatest - Gospel Songs CD

The Greatest - Gospel Songs

If not for gospel music, there never would have been a Johnny Cash. From his upbringing in Arkansas and throughout his entire life Cash always had a passion for spiritual music. His journey began at the First Baptist Church in his hometown of Dyess, Arkansas; he first auditioned at Sun Records with dreams of becoming a gospel artist; and throughout his career, Cash never lost site of his calling to gospel. The Greatest: Gospel Songs collects the best of Johnny Cash's captivating and deeply personal gospel recordings.
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1. I Was There When It Happened
2. Belshazzar
3. The Great Speckle Bird
4. Suppertime
5. That's Enough
6. The Old Account
7. He Turned The Water Into Wine
8. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)
9. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
10. Troublesome Waters
11. Far Side Banks Of Jordan with June Carter Cash
12. Daddy Sang Bass
13. Amen
14. The Masterpiece